Landing page or Pop up – what you choose to build your email list?

The first stage of building your mailing list is choosing the right way – landing page, pop up, squezze page.

How to engage visitors?
We know that most of visitors lose page after visiting it.
Squeeze page like name of this website has got purpose – squeeze your email and sometimes name.
Short offer or promises. If you think about what is more valuable in internet – amount of visitors or gain email – squeeze page give you answer.
Webopedia call it ”
„Squeeze pages are designed to obtain a reader’s name and e-mail address information by encouraging users to opt-in to an e-mail list to receive more information about the topic. Marketers will collect the permission-based e-mail and information to follow up at a later date. ”

squezze page

Pop up
What will be Facebook without Pop Up?
You receive access but you need to give your email. Window with pop up appear before right website and call to action to. Every Social Media has got it.

When we talk about landing pages and pop up its worth to say about responsive website.
More and more users use mobile, so our websites need to have rensposive version.

In some business effective is squezze page with video, in others only landing page with short offer with promise. In my opinion all this method are worth to test in e-marketing.

My interest is sports and fitness so I`ve checked that Pop up with special offer or discounts are still effective in Poland when its come about e-shops with sports equipments. I know also that branch like marketing, MLM and ebooks, online courses are well sold by landing pages. I thonk this wordpress plugin is worth to see.



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