Who is your buying persona? Describe it!

First  thing  which you have to start creating an advertising campaign is to create an image of a person for whom writing.

When you create a description of our potential customer is good to ask your current customers about their needs, your team, your friends the key is  to create an image by not only one person, but to collect a variety of information about a potential client for whom we create a product and campaign.

Questions that can help you:

Who is it? What is his interest? What does she/he do professionally? How old is she/he? What she/he likes to do? What Social Media uses? When isshe/he  sitting on the internet?

What she/he needs? What is his/her problems? What information does she/he need? What problem will solve your product? and one of the most important – Why „my persona” a potential customer” would choose just my product?

These are just some of the questions, in  different branch can create others


For example, we want to create a book which interest  a woman who pursue healthy lifestyle, like running, biking,  is a vegetarian and uses social media and new technologies. In addition, she likes to go to the Spa. She works as a sales representative in the medical industry. Is a single woman and  has got  a time for yourself. I wrote a fairly easy case, because our persona is interested in many things, wants to develop and has got leisure time.

Its much more difficult if we want create persona who runs a business in printing industry and wants to improved machinery.







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