Music to your movies – Where can I find legal downloads of music ?

One of the elements of content marketing strategy is sharing interesting video.
If you are interesting content marketing you know that video is essential for visual communication. About video and advantages of it I will write later but now I want to mention about legal music added to video.

We need to say that using mp3 commercial artist on own movies is illegal. There are many articles on the web about the legal culture. I you want to

Music has licensed and we can’t even play them back without proper permission in our movies.
It is worth to say what is a non-commercial project – for example, our video of the birthday party that we want to show a friend on your computer.

People often ask – Do I can use commercial music in my video with giving source?
They have also YouTube channel with earnings option – Of course not if its commercial music- You have to buy music for commercial use, because you earn it.
What this it mean License in tree simple words:

License Creative Commons CC – author provides his songs for non-commercial
Public Domain License CC0 – we can track for their own purposes without
YouTube Portal offers options to add music – when you add a movie we have to choose few background music, but you need to know that will be popular, and often used music.
For the more ambitious applications – for photographers, journalists, bloggers, etc. a good solution to me is the portal with paid music for a good price. I found an interesting polish music market where you can buy music for commercials, presentations, etc .:
Portal Music front, where a portal with music and sounds. Here you will find a fully legal music files, which you can purchase a license and legally used in their production, both private and commercial.
I’ve used at the beginning of free files from the source:
Free mp3 I added as a base for my film from a later added a description of the film „Music: Music Bank Music Front” and I put a link to the bank to music.
I found lot of foreign vorals with music:

Free Music archive





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