Webmaster Tools Google – I use

I use Google Tools to manage websites and

Google Analytics

 Podstawy Google

From where customers come to our website ?

Who is our customer ?

How frequently do users use my search box and what are they looking for?

Where do searches begin and end?

Are users satisfied with what they find?

How do different groups of users search my site?

What business outcomes result from users searching my site?


Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner tool


What people search in Google?

What your potential customers will search?

By researching your market’s keyword demand, you can learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO.

You can find out information about your customers like what and when they search.

It will help you know how to plan keywords that people are typing into Google Search.

Actual we need hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords, because people  typing that into Google.

This tool  suggest keywords  and   how often users were searching for a particular term in the past too.

It extracts Google suggestions and presents it to you in a easy way.

To generate long-tail keyword suggestions its important thing because users typing detailed inquires and want to quick answers.


Google Webmaster Tools

 It give  us Dashboard to information about our site.

Keywords by which we are viewing, but also clicks on our site.

It allows to know about status in Search Engine It shows very particulars details : data Highlighter is a webmaster tool for teaching Google about the pattern of structured data on your website – title, URL, you’ll get to learn about elements such as the title tag, snippet, site links, search within a site, rich snippets, and authorship.

Search Traffic

Under the Search Traffic menu, you’ll find information about search queries that lead people to your website and your link profile.

It allows to see Links to your site

In the content keywords section, you’ll see the top keywords you use in your website’s content – it`s it’s really useful.

It help also see errors on website, like : access denied, 404, or other errors that bots have encountered while indexing your site for desktop and mobile users.

Security Issues

It`s a section that details any problems your website may have  for example : being infected  or being hacked. You will also receive a site message if an issue arises. This is the section you would go to if your site is flagged as affected to request Google review it again once you have fixed the problem with your website


Google Trends

Show what are the trends.

Google Trends search bar to see how searches for these terms have changed over time. Look for those still trending upward, and review the additional detail Google provides.

You can check what people search in Google.

You will get answers on email what bloggers or social media user discuss 🙂